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Daily and Weekly Surfboard Rentals

Choose from our over 60, high quality rental surfboards.

Why pay airline’s hefty surfboard fees if you can surf one of our top of the line boards for less than half the price? We have everything you need, fishes, quads, longboards, foam, tufflite, and more…

We have the best rentals in the area, for all levels of surf experience. If you dont know which board to choose, dont worry! Our knowledgable staff will help you select the perfect board for your stay.

We rent quality surfboards ONLY. These boards will improve your performance! If you are looking for a brand new surfboard, check out the new boards at the shop: JS’ and DHD…

Surfboard Rental List

Regular Rentals

5’8 Merrick Dumpster Diver
5’10 SouthPoint Fish
5’11 Merrick Biscuit (x2)
6’0 7S Fish
6’0 NSP
6’0 Merrick Fred Rubble
6’0 Merrick Remix
6’0 Webber
6’0 Rusty Yes Thanks
6’1 UltraFlex
6’1 Randy Walker
6’2 Randy Walker
6’2 UltraFlex
6’2 Resin 8
6’2 Rusty Redline
6’2 JC RG4
6’2 Rusty Jokerr
6’4 JC SD3
6’4 JC Mel
6’4 SouthPoint
6’4 NSP Betty
6’6 Merrick
6’6 Aloha
6’8 NSP Betty
6’8 7S Fish (x2)
6’10 Ocean Tech
7’0 Soft Top
7’2 Merrick Water Hog (x2)
7’3 7S Fish
7’6 Takayama Egg
7’6 El Ride Egg
7’6 Merrick Fun Gun M13
7’6 Walden Mega Magic
7’7 Blue
7’10 NSP
8’0 Merrick Fun Gun M-13
8’0 Haut
8’0 Billy Hamilton
8’0 Walden
8’2 NSP
8’7 Blue
9’0 Takayama In the Pink
9’0 Robert August Wingnut
9’0 Robert August What I Ride
9’0 McTavish
9’1 Bear
9’4 BIC
9’5 Joel Tudor
9’6 Takayama Model T

*All longboards are in epoxy, as poly boards break easier and the waves here in Teresa are always strong, big or small.

High Performance

5’6 Rusty Heckler
5’8 Rusty Hustler
5’8 Rusty Rooster
5’9 Firewire Dominator
5’10 Rusty Kerrsover
5’10 Rusty Slayer
5’11 JS MonstaBox
6’0 Rusty Kerrsover (x3)
6’0 Rusty 4F
6’0 Rusty Quad Fish
6’2 Firewire Quadra-5
6’2 JS Forget Me Not
6’4 Rusty Quad Fish


Regular Rentals

$15/day with a day free for every 7 rented
Month Long Rental $350

High Performance Rentals

$20/day with a day free every 7 rented
Month Long Rental $400

Bodyboard Rentals

$8/day per board with a free day every 7 rented
$10 board and fins with a day free every 7 rented

*Please note: we need to physically hold a license, passport or a credit card for the duration of your rental.


  • I rented a board for several weeks and they gave me an excellent price. I decided to rent from them because they have an excellent selection of boards, and even some higher end boards to rent as well, which made all the difference in the world. You can change out boards when you want, they provide wax for you, and they're also just really nice people. While I wasn't in the market for a new board, they had lots of options in that department and an extensive selection of surf and swimwear too. I'll certainly go back to Kina the next time I visit.

    Andre, United States
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