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Kina Surf Shop has made a name for itself for more than a decade. It was one of the first fully equipped shops in Santa Teresa. Previous owners Carolyn and Ian dedicated themselves to bringing not only great product, but also great customer service, to the surf scene in Santa Teresa.

In 2013, they decided it was time to pass the torch and retire from the surf industry. They sold Kina Surf Shop to Eric Grove and Rachael Baum, who had worked for them for sometime.

Eric has lived in Santa Teresa for about 22 years in total, returning 9 years ago, along with his girlfriend Rachael, after a brief stint back in the United States. The couple grew up on the beaches of the Jersey Shore, lifeguarding and surfing their way through high school and college. The beach, the ocean, the entire surfing culture if you will, is in their blood.

Since taking over Kina Surf Shop 8 years ago, they have strived to continue what Carolyn and Ian had started. The shop has expanded, not only physically, but also in brand lines. They’ve brought in brands that are often difficult to find here in Costa Rica. They’ve also expanded the surfboard rental fleet to include some almost new, high performance boards. Seeing that customers are traveling with less and less due to airline fees, this seemed like a no brainer.

Above all, they want to share their stoke and love of the ocean with all customers who walk through the door, surfers or not. Kina has a wide variety of beachwear, swimsuits, sunscreen, beach games, surf accessories, jewelry , and souvenirs.

The shop has a bit of a different look than it originally did, but the same great customer service, smiling faces, and knowledge of surfing is still here.

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