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santa teresa, Costa Rica

Private or Small Group Surfing Lessons

We offer a variety of lessons beginner to advanced. All of our lessons are private, guaranteeing safety as well as fun! Limit of 3 people per instructor. Children’s lessons are one on one.

Beginner lessons

If you are just starting your surfing career, we are here to help! We have the best instructors in town! All have surfed for most of their lives and are really great about sharing their love of surfing. You’ll have some basic instruction on the beach, as well as go over important safety information. Then you’ll be in the water on the sandbars, catching rolling , already broken white water waves. Our instructors don’t just push you into waves, the teach you how to surf, etiquette in the water, and most importantly, how to surf safely while still having a blast! You will be paddling and popping up on your own by the end of your lesson! Lessons run about an hour and a half to 2 hours and are $80 per person. All lessons are cash only.

Intermediate Lessons

Ok, so you have mastered the inside, catching broken white water waves. Now it’s time to go get the green (aka unbroken) waves on the outside. Again, you will go over some information on the beach, as getting to the outside is a lot more challenging and requires a different level of instruction. Our instructors will paddle with you to the outside, explaining and teaching you how to make it past the breaking waves. Once out there, they will help you get into unbroken waves, how to drop in, and of course, how to surf safely and with proper etiquette. Being that intermediate lessons are a lot more challenging, we limit the lesson to one on one. It is safer that, way, plus you will get more out of a one on one intermediate lesson. Cost is $80/person and again lessons are cash only.



For more the more advanced surfer, we have surf coaching and guiding available. Maybe you’re a competitive surfer who wants to improve their skill set? Or, maybe this is your first time here in Costa Rica and just want someone to show you where the best waves are and what tides you should be surfing. Pricing and length of this lesson vary accordingly.




  • This place is awesome! The owners Eric and Rachael are so down to earth and nice. They were super helpful and answered all of our questions. William, our surf instructor was amazing! I was up on the board within a few waves and then later was catching them by myself. Great service and even better people. I highly recommend checking this place out!

    Ryan Timm
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